Do you want to impact lives and transform communities with your skills, experience, time and resources? Do you seek a platform to learn and know more about vulnerable groups? Then become a volunteer in Galilee Foundation.

Join our list of committed and passionate volunteers who, in their different ways, transform lives, craft the future for less-privileged children and build a formidable society for everyone.

Additionally, you stand to work with a team of experts in various fields. You will get the opportunity to understand the OVC situation and response frameworks, and improve your knowledge in various fields of human development encompassing:

  • Child protection,
  • Trafficking
  • Stigmatization,
  • Funding and organizational structure,
  • Poverty Alleviation,
  • Sustainable Interventions
  • Tri-Sector Response Model, and many others.
To become a volunteer, complete the Volunteers’ Application Form.

Volunteer Application Form

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