Trafficking-in-Persons day market rally

Child trafficking awareness

Galilee Foundation in conjunction with NACTAL held a street rally on August 1, 2019 within Agbaje market to raise awareness on the dangers of trafficking in persons and child trafficking in particular.

As a leading member of the Network of Civil Society Organization againts Child Trafficking, Abuse and Labour (NACTAL), Galilee Foundation has been at the forefront of the fight against trafficking in persons over the years.

Collaborating with various government outfits to curb this scourge, Galilee Foundation has lent its expertise in this area in different capacities over the years. The focus and action plan guiding NACTAL activities around this year’s Trafficking in Persons day was “1 Message, 1 Million People in 1 Day“.

Trafficking rally

The goal being that 50 member organizations within the NACTAL network would reach a million persons with messages condemning trafficking in persons all within 24 hours.

Galilee Foundation picked Agbaje market as the venue for this activity due to the longstanding interactions the organization has held within this location especially regarding tackling child labor activities and child trafficking activities. Agbaje has long been identified as a hub of child labor and trafficking activity and it was the obvious choice of venue when this program was flagged.

During this rally, we sensitized market women and men, and created awareness on the ills of child trafficking. The penalty against offenders was equally explained. We took the day emphasizing on giving children the right to exist in peaceful and safe environment void of trafficking concerns.

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