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Our Projects & Funding

We are constantly implementing projects to support children, families and other vulnerable groups in focal communities to improve living standards, health, and economic standards. 

Through our strategies, partners and hard working team, we design approaches to deliver interventions to street children, youths, sex workers, and other groups through awareness, shelter & care, community service, empowerment, and many others.

These projects are funded by our partners and internally-generated funds in the organization. These help us in pursuing our vision and impacting lives.

You can support us to implement any of these projects:

  •  Shelter Facility for Kings Kids Children
  • Community Outreach to Treasures (Sex Workers)
  • Community Child Trafficking Awareness
  • Economic Empower Scheme
  • Child Education/Vocational Empowerment
  • Street Schools Program
  • Youth Empowerment

We are open to implement projects that focus on mitigating child abuse & human trafficking, improving the lives of vulnerable groups, and general community development programs.

Do you want to fund one of our projects, or do you want us to implement a project with you?