Outreach to Treasures (Sex Workers) in Bodija Market

Community outreach to treasures

Due to the location of our Bodija market office and the brothels where these Treasures (sex workers) are located and the fact that they sometimes have underage girls who in previous instances havewalked up to us desiring our assistance, we decided to establish a relationship with them through an interactive meeting.

This meeting was held on the 31st of March, 2018, after various consultations with their leaders and the landlords of the community and the Ojurin Police station. The initial programme was disrupted by some hoodlums in the community but after additional consultations we later had a successful meeting with 33 of them.

They whole-heartedly welcomed our messages and were very willing to leave the work for alternative sources of income. The underage girl among them secretly came to us that she wants to go back to school. We promised to follow-up her case. However, not long afterwards. there was a riot at the area of Bodija market between the Butchers and Oyo State government.


The riot led to the dead of some persons and the butchers were forcibly ejected from the area. Due to this fracas, we almost lost our counseling center at the market but everything is back to normal.

This is our initiative to ensure that every children and vulnerable persons gets the right to live a normal life and pursue his/her dreams. This drives out actions, responses and interventions as we continually seek to build formidable communities for everyone.

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