Medical Intervention on a Diabetic Child

medical intervention

Through collaboration with one of our partners, Rev. Akinolu Raphael, we provided initial medicare intervention to a case of diabetes. In this case, Toheeb Badmus was the client.

On the 26th of July 2018, Toheeb Badmus, a 16 year old boy, diagnosed with chronic diabetis was seen in the neighborhood. Our attention was drawn to the case and we made findings by asking him questions tounderstand the situation. This was also to help design the best possible intervention approach.

We discovered that he came in from Iwo (in Ibadan) on regular routine checkup at the University College Hospital. As we probed further, we discovered that he has been boycotting his monthly appointments.

It appeared that he needed money to buy some of his medications and to transport himself home. He was just going around begging when he was spotted. Our physical assessment showed that he was very frail, probably from lack of adequate diet and needed immediate attention.

Through assistance from Rev. Akinlolu Raphael we were able to get some drugs for him and transport him back home. On his next appointment, we linked him up with another Non-Governmental organization (SOSPADO) for basic nutritional support.

Toheeb has since been faring well.

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