Ibadan Treasures(Ex-sex workers) Program

Program director addressing the Ex-sex worker at bodija, Ibadan

Sex work might be Condemnable but knowledge of what predisposes the ladies to the work differs. in octobar, 2021, not fewer than 27 commercial sex workers were arrested in Abuja following raids by security personnel on brutel in Nigeria’s capital territory(Abuja).

hence the involvement of Galilee Foundation in collaboration with PEPFAR in providing alternative/ additional vocation to 38 sex workers (treasures) in Bodija Area, Ibadan, oyo state, Nigeria. they are engage in different vocations which includes adult literacy Classes at the Adult Education department of the university of Ibadan. At the end of the training all the trainee will be supported with Start-off kits and capital. this program is open for supports and Partnership from both individual and organizations.

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