Bags made by a child at King’s Kids Children’s Village
Hand Crafted bags
Our children being gradually introduced to ICT studies from the earliest stages.
Members of the community are greatly appreciated with their show of support on a consistent basis.
An interactive session in Bodija Market with CSWs (we fondly refer to them as Treasures)
Child trafficking awareness raising in the middle of Agbaje market.
A King’s Kids Child learning to make hair while school was shut down during the COVID crisis.


A couple of boys from the King’s Kids facility learning to spray paint while waiting to return to school during the COVID crisis.
A couple of children from the King’s Kids facility learning fashion design during the COVID lockdown.
Galilee Foundation staff receiving training on the importance of empathy in relating with sheltered children.
Staff training.
More staff training pictures.
A Galilee Foundation member of staff recieving a donation from the International Organization for Migration.
Some of the donations received from the International Organization for Migration.
Members of Idi Ishin Rotary Club at a Peer Leadership Training organised for Galilee Foundation.
Some of our children at King’s Kids Children’s Village.


CSWs being educated on the value of a healthy sense of self worth.
Galilee Foundation and Street Medicine staff after a street party held for street based children


King’s Kids Children interacting with a street child during a community program.
A member of staff of Galilee Foundation dancing with some street children.
Street Counselling with some street children in Sabo, Ibadan.
Medical checkups in collaboration with Street Medicine during a street outreach.


King’s Kids children only too happy to receive a donation of bed frames.
Galilee Foundation staff with members of the Oyo State Ministry of Education during a courtesy visit to the Ministry.