Family Reintegration of Lateef Saheed


Lateef Saheed, now 10 years of age, was brought to our shelter facility as a 7-year-old by the Programme Director in 2015. He was rescued from his maternal grandmother who used him to ask for alms on the street.

The grandmother being mentally challenged, sometimes abuses him causing Lateef to suffer from several physical abuses. Alhaja Mustapha – on noticing Lateef’s condition, referred him to Galilee Foundation for Intervention.

Our initial efforts in reuniting him with his family was unfruitfull. We, through investigation discovered that Lateef’s father and mother were never married and the mother had no interest whatsoever in the child.

Throughout his stay at the shelter facility, his father was given a wrong impression that his child was resident in a private school and money was being collected from him regularly by the maternal grandmother.

 Upon insistence that he had to see the child, he got to know that the child is with us at Kings Kids shelter. Although he had married, we requested that he came along with his wife and some members of his family.

We also insisted that Lateef’s mother, the grandmother and Alhaja Mustapha must be present before we could hand him over to the father. They all came except Lateef’s biological mother.

Lateef was eventually and formerly handed over to his father on the 17th of August,2018.

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