15 year old Cotonuo Girl Rescued From Child Labour/ Trafficking

16 years old girl rescued from child trafficking

The on the 11th of May 2022, one of our program officers Mr. Edward Akintunde has to intervene in a case of child Labour/trafficking on his way to the office. the said child grace(15) was Trafficked from Cotonou to Nigeria for domestic servitude. her parents had died and her elder sister gave her out to someone who brought her to Nigeria under the pretense that she will be send to school under her madam. while staying with this woman she was subject to various forms of maltreatment and abuse. her body has several marks which she claimed are lacerations from a serious beating from madam and her daughter. however on this occasion, according to her, one of the puppies of the dog under her care died and she was severally punished for that. part of the punishment is that she will not be given food for a week and she will trek from the house to shop which is a distance of about 3 kilometers. as at the time she was rescued she has not eaten for four days. in the midst of weeping neighbors in the shop has to contribute money for her to eat. her madam who work with ibadan electricity distribution company (IBEDC) has gone to work. she was rescued and taken to our shelters after initial report to the police, National agency for the prohibition of traffic in person and other related matters(NAPTIP) and the ministry of women affairs and social inclusion.

and meanwhile,
Another 16year old favour was rescued from a brothel by the combined effort of NAPTIP, Nigeria security and civil defence corp ( NSCDC), and the rapid response squad (RRT) Oyo State. she and three other girls from Kaduna State left home for Abuja and from Abuja to Ibadan. on the way to Ibadan in the company of another woman, they were apprehended by the security operatives of Amaytekun at Akure they were later released after 2weeks at ibadan they were housed in a brothel before they were rescued and taken to the Nigeria Security and civil defense corp (NSCDC) office. the four of them were given to different home for custody while further investigations is been carried out. At the end of 2weeks, their parents have been contacted and every one of them return to their home in Kaduna State.

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