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Your donation will put smiles on the faces of many children!

Your donation will save a child today and put smiles on the faces of many others

Your donation will save a child today! Empower us to put smiles on the faces on less-privileged children.

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Partner with us to give vulnerable groups a future!

Our partners support in various ways to help us reach vulnerable groups in amazing ways.

Our partners support in various ways to help us reach vulnerable groups in amazing ways.

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Support a child today to help him/her achieve her dreams.

Every child has & can achieve his/her dreams. You can play a vital role in helping them to do so.

Every child has & can achieve his/her dreams. You can play a vital role in helping them to do so.

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Galilee Foundation is committed to impacting lives and transforming communities via strategic interventions and collaborative engagement of several cadres of actors. We work to create a world where individuals are given an opportunity to attain their full God-given potentials.

What  We Do


The major activity at the Kings Kids children’s village is the rehabilitation of children. This entails shelter care, counseling, food, and meeting the health needs of the children. We follow a performance improvement process to implement proper rehabilitation of vulnerable groups.

Kings Kids Children

Kings kids Children are children resident in our Kings kids children’s village. Currently, there are 75 children in our home. They are mainly orphans and vulnerable children in their various categories whom we provide with several services. We impact their lives and give them the opportunity to craft their future! 


This program involves the establishment of a relationship with a specific child or group of children. To effectively mentor children at Galilee Foundation, members of staff are sufficiently carried along and provided with needed information and tools to dispense their work. 

Our Strategies

Educational Empowerment

Street Schools
This is an outreach program that provides non-formal education cum counseling services to street children and vulnerable persons in different communities. Currently, 4 of such centers are located within the city of Ibadan (Bodija, Agbaje, Iwo-Road and Sabo).

We provide Educational services to ex-street children in the Kings Kids rehabilitation program, and some other vulnerable children in focal communities. 

The children are exposed to different vocational programs of their interest. At completion, we empower them. 

Rehabilitation and Shelter

Our rehabilitation program is conducted at the King’s Kids Children’s Village. This facility is located on a 22 acres’ facility within the city of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. Currently this facility houses about 80 individuals undergoing various forms of rehabilitation and intervention. It is free and fully residential for all the ex-street children and very few adult beneficiaries. In addition we provide the following:

  • Feeding
  • Child Protection
  • Shelter Support 
  • Household Economic Strengthening
  • Access to health care services 
  • Psychosocial Support Services
Sensitization / Awareness programs in Communities.

Periodically, Galilee Foundation carries out public enlightenment activities in communities like schools, market places and residential communities with a view towards the prevention of child abuses, forced labor, human trafficking and other social ills. In some cases, we use the media as the platform for some of our campaign and public awareness programs. Others include:

  • Market Rallies
  • Community campaigns
  • School drives and seminars 
  • Street carnivals/parties
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A world where every individual is given an opportunity to attain their full God given potential.

Mission Statement

Strategically arising to God’s calling through the lives of the desperately needy in the society by our collective brokenness, gifts and love.

Our Partners

  • Community Impact

    We build and transform communities and societies by identifying and providing needed interventions to maligned individuals.

  • Street Outreach

    Our street counseling centers across the city of Ibadan are established in strategic communities within the city that lend easy access to the various vulnerable target groups.

  • Education

    We work tirelessly and strategically to build the future of the universe by providing vulnerable children with access to education and vocational skills.

“I bless the Lord who gave me the grace  to start this work of faith [over] thirty years ago”.

– Reverend Olubunmi Olu-Alakija.